Approximately 400 pre - purchase exams are performed annually by our experienced vet, many of which are for export.

State of the art facilities combine to assist you in making the right pre purchase decisions

They include:

  • Full size fibre footing surface arena

  • Indoor lunging arena

  • Outdoor enclosed hard surface lunging area

  • A trot - up runway

  • Digital radiography 

  • Ultrasound

  • Endoscopy



At G.C.S Veterinary we use advanced reproductive techniques such as Embryo Transfer and Frozen Semen Insemination which are performed regularly by our experienced team using our new, state of the art laboratory equipment.

They include:

  • Ultrasound scanning

  • Pre insemination swabs

  • Frozen semen insemination

  • Pregnancy scan

  • Breeding advice



At G.C.S Veterinary our experience vet, extensive facilities and equipment are ideal to investigate all lameness problems.

Training of Foals


Following soundness examination, competition horses often require treatments such as neck and back facet joints, kissing spine and sacro - iliac injections and shockwave therapy.  Limb joint treatments and shockwave therapy are commonly used as are PRP and IRAP therapies.



The proper diagnosis is crucial to having the best outcome for your horse’s issue. A thorough history and hands on physical examination using standard equipment are the most important early steps in reaching a diagnosis or deciding which imaging modalities would be most helpful.
When imaging is required, G.C.S Veterinary Clinic will utilize the most advanced diagnostic equipment available.
The use of digital technology allows for superior imaging quality in both radiology, ultrasound and endoscopy.
Images can be evaluated for proper technique, exposure and viewed in real time. This greatly increases our diagnostic accuracy and decreases time to treatment.



  • Ultrasound - For diagnostic work on all parts of the body and ultrasound guided.

  • Radiology - Digital radiographic technology allows for quality imagery increasing diagnostic accuracy.

  • Endoscopy - To evaluate the upper respiratory tract.

  • Shockwave Therapy - Used to treat a wide range of injuries including back, neck and suspensory.

  • Blood-work - Haematology testing of bloods to evaluate the patients health.

  • Laboratory Equipment - Incubators - Culture and sensitivity testing.

  • Semen evaluation microscope.

  • Centrifuge - Used for PRP Plasma, IRAP and bloods for export.