G.C.S Veterinary has one of the best facilities in Ireland.

It includes:

  • Full size fibre footing arena

  • Indoor lunging arena

  • Outdoor enclosed hard surface lunging area

  • A Trot - Up runway

  • Digital radiography

  • Ultrasound

  • Endoscopy

  • 12 stable barn



  • Ultrasound - For diagnostic work on all parts of the body and ultrasound guided.

  • Radiology - Digital radiographic technology allows for quality imagery increasing diagnostic accuracy.

  • Endoscopy - To evaluate the upper respiratory tract.

  • Shockwave Therapy - Used to treat a wide range of injuries including back, neck and suspensory.

  • Blood-work - Haematology testing of bloods to evaluate the patients health.

  • Laboratory Equipment - Incubators - Culture and sensitivity testing.

  • Semen evaluation microscope.

  • Centrifuge - Used for PRP Plasma , IRAP and bloods for export.